Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sheryl Crow Opens Up To ‘Prevention’ Magazine And Lands May Cover

Sheryl Crow Opens Up To ‘Prevention’ Magazine And Lands May Cover

Who doesn’t love Sheryl Crow? The singer sat down with ‘Prevention‘ magazine and opened up about her new boyfriend, being in a long term relationship and ditching the LA scene.

Here’s your sneak peek:

On her new guy (Sheryl has been dating a producer for several months) and how he is with the kids:
“Really good. I’ve been in the situation where I’ve been involved with people and their kids, and if the relationship doesn’t work out, it’s heartbreak. So I’m keeping the relationship friend-based when we’re around the kids.”
On a long term relationship—say celebrating 50 years together
“I’d love that. But I’m pretty set in my ways, and whoever I’m going to end up with, God willing, will have gone through their things too. So I’m not looking at having a fifty-five-year relationship. I’ll be happy if I have a ten-year relationship.”

Conscious choice to ditch the celebrity swirl of Los Angeles and move to 154-acre farm outside of Nashville:
“I love LA,” she say candidly. “I am so happy to see my friends there, but after four or five days, I’m like, ‘Let’s go home.’ Nashville feels more reality-based. I feel centered here. There’s a connection between me and nature.”
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On what kind of parent she is (Sheryl has two boys: Wyatt (4) and Levi (1):
“I’m strict. I think one thing that is missing now with kids is the hierarchy of adults not being friends, even though ultimately that’s what you want with your kids. They have to understand that somebody’s in charge and sometimes the answer is no. It’s about being consistent.”
On what getting cancer taught her:
“Anyone who’s diagnosed with anything will agree that such news is not only a showstopper but also an opportunity to recreate the way you live and how you look at life. It was for me.”
On her age (49):
“Age is such an indefinable experience. I look at my grandmother when she was my age—she had boobs down to her waist and looked like an old lady. At sixty-five, my mom is a fun, cool, and beautiful as ever. I think it’s just a state of mind.”


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