Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is Poonam Pandey fooling everyone?

Is Poonam Pandey fooling everyone?

Poonam Pandey backtracking from her promise of baring it all?

Model Poonam Pandey did display laudable astuteness in grabbing the opportunity of the Cricket World Cup and milking it dry to her advantage.

Just a few days back, Poonam Pandey was almost an anonymous name, though she professes to be one of the most searched models on Google. But with the cricket fever gripping the entire country she struck the hot iron with a masterstroke of publicity -- a proclamation that she will go nude if India wins the Cricket World Cup.

Taking a leaf out of the books of lingerie models like Larissa Riquelme of Paraguay and Luciana Salazar of Argentina who vowed to run naked if their countries won the FIFA Cup last year, Poonam made headlines with her bold pronouncement which is yet to come true even though India won the cup five days back.

All this while, as the fans wait anxiously for Poonam’s promised striptease, the gal has been exhorting them to be patient and yet has been slipping in hot links of her bikini slideshows on her Twitter page that now boasts of more than 10,000 followers.

The girl sure knows how to grab publicity and there have been hushed excuses about a permission to strip still being awaited from BCCI. The fact is that no such permission will come through from the Indian cricket board.

So is Poonam really going to bare it all. Or will she “fulfil” her promise though a tacky photoshoot that will have minimal nudity with her assets strategically covered.

Here Poonam Pandey appear in a pose her body painted

What do you think? Is she fooling everyone?

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